2015 Johnson JHS 7th Grade Football Schedule

Updated: October 8, 2015

Below is the 7th Grade 2015 Football Schedule for the Johnson Jr. High Firebirds. These schedules can change at any time. We will update any schedule changes as soon as we receive them. For any other questions regarding the football program at Johnson Jr. High School, please contact Johnson Jr. High School. Each athlete must have a current athletic physical before participating in any school athletic program.



If you would like to send us scores or pictures of the games, please send them to bison@southhighbisonathletics.com


Want to keep stats of the game?

Click Here for a printable offensive stat sheet and defensive stat sheet, then send those into us at the e-mail address bison@southhighbisonathletics.com so we can post them here.


[table caption=”2015 7th Grade Johnson JHS Football – A Team” table tablesorter=”0” class=”table table-border”]

Day/Date, Time, Opponent, Location, Score, W-L

Wed~~9-2-15, 3:30pm, Carey Braves, Johnson JHS, 8-0, W

Sat~~9-5-15, 9:00am, Gering Bulldogs, Gering NE, 40-6, W

Wed~~9-9-15, 3:30pm, McCormick~~Warriors, Johnson JHS, 0-32, L

Thu~~9-17-15, 3:30pm, Laramie JHS, Laramie JHS, 12-8, W

Thu~~9-24-15, 3:30pm, McCormick~~Warriors, McCormick JHS, 0-14, L

Thu~~10-1-15, 3:30pm, Laramie JHS, Johnson JHS, 40-0, W

Wed~~10-7-15, 3:30pm, Carey Braves, Carey JHS, 16-6, W



Johnson A Team finishes in 2nd Place.



B Team games start immediately following the conclusion of the A Team Football Games listed above.

[table caption=”2015 7th Grade Johnson JHS Football – B Team” table tablesorter=”0” class=”table table-border”]

Day/Date, Opponent, Location, Score, W-L

Wed~~9-2-15, Carey Braves, Johnson JHS, 16-14, L

Sat~~9-5-15, Gering Bulldogs, Gering NE, 8-0, W

Wed~~9-9-15, McCormick~~Warriors, Johnson JHS, 6-34, L

Mon~~9-14-15~~3:30pm, McCormick~~Warriors, McCormick JHS, -, –

Thu~~9-17-15, Laramie JHS, Laramie JHS, 0-24, L

Sat~~9-19-15~~10:00am, Burns, Burns, -, –

Thu~~9-24-15, McCormick~~Warriors, McCormick JHS, 22-6, W

Mon~~9-28-15~~3:30pm, Carey Braves, Johnson JHS, -, –

Thu~~10-1-15, Laramie JHS, Johnson JHS, 16-0, W

Wed~~10-7-15,  Carey Braves, Carey JHS, -, –