2016-17 Week 1 Winter Fan Photos

Updated: December 13, 2016

(The 8th Grade A Lady Firebirds won the Southeast Conference Championship by defeating Laramie 52-50 on Saturday December 10, 2016. This group also won the Southeast Conference Championship when they were in 7th Grade in 2015. Photo by Kimberley Dimas.)


The winter season has begun and the amazing Bison fans are taking a lot of great pictures once again. Thanks to everyone that tagged us in these amazing photos. How do you get your photos into the fan photo album? Simply take photos of any Bison event (bus ride or car ride to a Bison event, fans and selfies count as well), then post them to Facebook and tag Southhigh Bison or you can e-mail them to bison@southhighbisonathletics.com … so get your cellphones or your camera’s out and take a lot of pictures!