4A Regional Tournament Seeding

Updated: February 21, 2019

(Photo by Terri Barker)


With the move to the quadrant system, many people are wondering how the Class 4A Regional Tournaments would look. So since the Bison are in the 4A Southeast, we will look at the seeding  for the Class 4A East Regional Tournament. 


Unlike years past, there are no longer any automatic berth’s into the State Tournament for being the No. 1 or No. 2 seed in your region. 


The Class 4A East Regional Tournament will have the teams from the 4A Northeast (Campbell County, Natrona County, Sheridan and Thunder Basin) and 4A Southeast (Cheyenne Central, Cheyenne East, Cheyenne South and Laramie) quadrants. So there will be a total of 8 teams. It is a double elimination tournament and here is how the seeding and the tournament should look like. This is based off of previous regional tournament seedings held and once the 4A East Regional Tournament seeding is set, we will put out a post with the schedule. 

NE – Northeast team

SE – Southeast Team


Opening Round – Day 1 (2-28-19)

#1 NE vs. #4 SE

#2 NE vs. #3 SE

#3 NE vs. #2 SE

#4 NE vs. #1 SE


Day 2  (3-1-19)

Early Game 1 – #2NE/#3SE loser vs. #4NE/#1SE loser — LOSER OUT GAME

Early Game 2 – #1NE/#4SE loser vs. #3NE/#2NE loser — LOSER OUT GAME


Semi-Final 1 – #2NE/#3SE winner vs. #4NE/#1SE winner — WINNER QUALIFIES FOR STATE TOURNAMENT

Semi-Final 2 – #1NE/#4SE winner vs. #3NE/#2NE winner — WINNER QUALIFIES FOR STATE TOURNAMENT


Day 3 (3-2-19)

Day 2 Early Game 1 winner vs. Semi-Final 1 Loser – LOSER OUT, WINNER QUALIFIES FOR STATE

Day 2 Early Game 2 winner vs. Semi-Final 2 Loser – LOSER OUT, WINNER QUALIFIES FOR STATE

3rd place game

The 2 winners from the Day 3 early games vs. each other 

Regional Championship

Semi-Final 1 winner vs. Semi-Final 2 winner