Brandon Wolfe Coaching Bio

Updated: November 25, 2019

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Name: Brandon Wolfe

Athletic Program(s):

South High Bison Boys Basketball Sophomore Coach


Coach Wolfe is the Sophomore coach for the South High Bison Boys Basketball team
Coach Wolfe has been coaching for 4 years 
Coach Wolfe has coached Flight AAU basketball for three years and at Johnson Jr. High School for two years
Coach Wolfe will be starting his first year coaching at South High School
Coach Wolfe played at East High school from 2009 to 2012 where he participated in Football, Track and Field and Baseball

Coach Wolfe didn’t play basketball in college but he did play intramural’s while in college. 
Why he wanted to become a coach? “I feel like I have a great feel for the game and I want to extend my knowledge to my athletes. I’ve played the game, and reffed the game, now this is the third side of the game I continue to learn.”

Coach Wolfe also coaches football at Johnson Jr. High School

What does he like about coaching? “Seeing the kids grow as young adults and succeed, also building relationships with young athletes to help them improve in the sport and lives.”
His favorite sports are college football, pro football, college basketball and volleyball
His favorite professional sports team are the Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Lakers (Kobe and Shaq, Lebron Fan)
His favorite sports movie: There’s to many to count. Top 3 – Coach Carter, Miracle and Glory Road
When he isn’t coaching he likes fishing, camping, hiking, hanging out at the lake and play basketball
His overall goal: To create young athletes that can make a positive change on and off the court
Coach Wolfe comments “Thank you, this was cool!”