Cheyenne Kiwanis Club Foundation Grant

Updated: June 26, 2015

The Cheyenne Kiwanis Club is for kids! Here … There … and Everywhere!


Please feel free to visit the Cheyenne Kiwanis Club’s website:


Cheyenne Kiwanis Club


The Junior Bison Basketball Club has been awarded funding from the Cheyenne Kiwanis Club Foundation Grant. This is the first year the Junior Bison Basketball Club applied for the grant. To be one of the lucky recipients from this grant is extremely exciting. We would like to thank the Cheyenne Kiwanis Club for believing in the same vision as the Junior Bison Basketball Club as we strive to help the youth located in the South Triad get involved in the game of basketball and their community.


Come out and support the Cheyenne Kiwanis Club events throughout the City of Cheyenne. Here are a few events the Kiwanis Club will be taking part in. For a more detailed list please visit their website by clicking the link above.


[table caption=”Cheyenne Kiwanis Club Events” table tablesorter=”0” class=”table-bordered”]

Date/Time, Event, Location

6-27-15~~8:00am~~10:00am, Relay for Life, Cheyenne~~South~~High School

6-27-15~~8:00am~~4:00pm, Super Day, Lions Park

6-27-15~~8:00am~~10:00am, Tour~~de~~Prairie, Lions Park~~Picnic Shelter~~next to~~swimming pool

6-28-15~~6:00am, Journey of Hope~~ARC of~~Laramie County, Feeding event~~serve early~~breakfast to~~25-30 cyclists

7-17 to 7-19-15~~10:00am~~4:00pm, Fort D.A. Russell Days, Vendor Event~~Hamburger/Hot Dog~~Chips and Drinks~~for $5.00

7-20-15~~7:00am, CFD~~Pancake Breakfast, Cheyenne Depot Plaza

7-22-15~~7:00am, CFD~~Pancake Breakfast, Cheyenne Depot Plaza

7-24-15~~7:00am, CFD~~Pancake Breakfast, Cheyenne Depot Plaza