Curtis Quigley Coaching Bio

Updated: November 20, 2018





Name: Curtis Quigley

Athletic Program(s):

Assistant Coach South High Bison Wrestling

Assistant Coach South High Bison Football

Head Coach Lady Bison Track and Field




  • Coach Quigley is the Head Coach for the Lady Bison Track and Field team, he is also an Assistant Coach for the South High Bison Football team as well as the South High Bison Wrestling team.
  • Coach Quigley has been coaching for over 9 years now (2 years wrestling, 9+ in football, 4 years in track and field).
  • Coach Quigley has coached at Helena HS (Helena MT) and Cheyenne Central High School.
  • Coach Quigley has coached at Cheyenne South High School for 8 years.
  • Coach Quigley participated in Football, Wrestling and Track and Field at Helena High School (Helena MT) and was an All-Conference athlete in 2005-2006. 
  • Coach Quigley participated in Football at the University of Montana-Western.
  • Why he wanted to become a coach? “Coaching baseball as a junior in college a player that I coached, his parents were both college professors and thought I should look into it and I really liked the idea! One thing led to another and things just clicked. I switched majors that semester and made the change”.
  • Coach Quigley likes seeing kids handle adversity, whether they fail or succeed, and take those lessons and grow. Any season can be successful if our athletes do this.
  • Coach Quigley has also coached Indoor Track and Baseball.
  • His favorite sports are Football and Baseball hands down. He really enjoys volleyball now that he understands how challenging and technical it is.
  • His favorite professional sports team is the Atlanta Braves (MLB) and the Philadelphia Eagles (NFL). 
  • His favorite sports movie is “Major League”.
  • When he isn’t coaching he is a little bit of a video game junkie But other than that he loves to play softball and be outdoors (hiking, hunting and fishing).
  • His overall goal is “Growth!  Find a way to help the program take the next step in competitiveness and create a culture that promotes success! Wrestling is mentally and physically grueling and we have to condition our kids to handle that stress and how to respond to it.