Feb. 19, 2017 Boys Basketball Standings

Updated: February 21, 2017

(Photo by Bethany Smith.)


The last week of the season in the 4A Conference will be just for seeding purposes heading into each conferences regional tournaments. The Top 2 spots in each conference have been locked in as Gillette, Sheridan, Rock Springs and Kelly Walsh have all earned a first round bye in next week’s regional tournaments, but more importantly, they have also clinched the automatic berth into the State Championship Tournament as well. The 4A East is interesting as all three Cheyenne Schools will battle to see who gets the 3-6 seeds. Laramie can climb back into the equation as well for seeding if they can defeat Central and East this week. Look below to see this week’s standings as we head into the final week of the regular season.



4A Conference Standings

** - Clinched first round bye in Regional Tournament and Automatic Berth into State Championship Tournament.
SchoolConference Wins-LossesOverall Wins-Losses
4A East
** #3 Sheridan7-211-9
** #4 Gillette7-213-8
Cheyenne Central4-48-11
#5 Cheyenne South3-511-8
Cheyenne East3-59-11
4A West
** #1 Rock Springs7-011-5
** #2 Kelly Walsh7-114-3
#5 Evanston5-411-9
Green River2-68-10